Contact us, it would be our pleasure to visit You and present You our products and services through presentations for operational and top management, administrators, and IT professionals. We will introduce You to the basic functionality of our applications, the manner we have been implementing, localizing and adjusting them to the specific needs of every client.
Our consultants will advise You, using their long experience, in respect of organization and work technologies, optimal choice of equipment in order to avoid the usual problems when introducing information systems. Our software products are modular and scalable. You may start from the option which is the most suitable for your capacities and scope of activities. We will simply upgrade and expend them in the future.
Our information systems are based on the long-term experience in implementation, thus they are bringing to our future client not only tools and technology but also know-how in the areas which in Macedonia have only recently been legally regulated and so far haven’t had their software support (investment funds, voluntary and mandatory pension funds, custody banks.)
Absence of language barrier may also be underlined as our advantage either in initial contacts or in the understanding of our applications. This way we have significantly simplified and shorten the implementation time. It would be our pleasure to answer Your inquiries, dedicate our time and offer the right IT solution for You. You may contact us with full confidence.