IN2 Skopje

Company for computer engineering IN2 dooel Skopje was founded in November 2009 and is a part of IN2 group with headquarters in Zagreb, Croatia.
Primary acitivity of a company on area of Republic of Macedonia is computer enginering and IT services like development, implementation, support and maintenance of new information systems and different types of IT consulting.
In the name and on behalf of IN2 group IN2 Skopje does representing, organises promotional and marketing activities, precontract activities and market research in the Republic of Macedonia.
A the same time, IN2 Skopje localizes product according to legal and sublegal acts  and in coordinance with rules and customs of the Republic of Macedonia. In that way products and services of IN2 group are adjusted to potential clients in the Republic of Macedonia.
IN2 Skopje is completely open for partnership and cooperation with other companies in the Republic of Macedonia.


IN2 group

IN2 group consists of eight companies that are active in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia. It is a private company founded in 1992 which grew into one of the leading software companies int he region with reputation of the partner which succesfully projects and implements complex information systems based on modern technology.

As the group, IN2 has been specialized for bespoke software solutions development and development and implementation of complex information systems. IN2 independently designs, develops, implements and mantain information systems based on Oracle and Microsoft technology. Besides own aplications, it also localizes, implements and offers consalting for some fo the most known global solutions.
Regardless of focus on adopting and implementing new technologies, key value of the company are its employees. The whole group gives significance to the selection of highly educated and creative experts, just like development of their knowledge and skills. Total number of employees in IN2 group is over 400.
With its high quality and inovative software solutions IN2 helps clients in realising their business aims and offers while offering longterm partnership in all phases of development and implementation of information system. Fulfilling needs of clients in order to achieve their business aims is ins enter of understanding term of software products and services. Success of  IN2 group is measured as sucess of its clients.
In 2003 IN2 implemented system for quality management according to ISO 9001:2000 norm, which was recertified twice and than adjusted with version ISO 9001:2008. 
System for quality management in IN2 is drafted in a way it allows flexibility of management no matter of range and circle of given services or size and complexness of a particular project.
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